Frequently asked quesions:-

Q1 : There is no start recording button. How can I start recording/capture?

Once you tap the "Record" button on main menu, our "intelligent capture" will start automatically once the capture screen launched. You can see that there is a "RED" bar on top of the capture screen indicating that "intelligent capture" in running and you are in capture mode. You only need to make a swing and have an good impact to generate an impact sound to trigger stop recording. Our "intelligent capture" is so smart to capture your swing.

Once capture is stopped, you will enter the playback mode automatically. When playback is finished (either finished automatically or you close it or stop by sound trigger), you will be back to the "intelligent capture" mode. And you are ready for next swing capture. (Note: there may be a short delay when go back to "intelligent capture" mode as iPad or iPhone need to get the camera ready).

You should adjust the "Swing Tempo" slider to suit for your swing tempo. Default is 3 seconds which is an optimal swing tempo that our professional coach suggested.

Q2 : Will the "intelligent capture" used up lots of disk space in my device?

No. We will only use up disk space when you save your capture in playback mode.

Q3 : How should I setup the sensitivity to have better impact detection?

We have tested for more than 10,000+ shot in different environment with different clubs.

Our suggested setting for sensitivity:
In most of the case, the default settings should work for you.

If you need to change the setting:
1) tap on the environment and choose the sampling logic (Max/Medium/Min) ; or

1) select your environment first;
2) turn on tuning mode and hits a few shots. The App will detect it. Then turn off the tuning mode


1) For iron shots, a value between 0.7 to 0.8
2) For fairway woods/rescue/hybrid, a value between 0.8 to 0.9
3) For driver, a value larger than 0.9 but below 1

These are our suggested settings based on our test. Please adjust and do a few testing to fit for your environment. Different types of golf clubs will generate different types of impact sound as well.

never set the sensitivity to 1 as the impact sound detection will never reach this level. 1 is used when you don't need play back and wants to use EZ Capture@golf swing as a mirror; or
if you want to use manual stop only, set the sensitivity to 1.

Q4 : What is "Impact Zone Lock"?

This applies to v2.0 only.

In v2.0, we added the "Image Analysis" feature which works together with "Impact Sound Detection" to provide a more accurate swing detection.

Tap on the lower bottom of the screen which indicate where your ball lies. As long as your ball lies inside the impact zone, EZ Capture will try the best to identify it. If ball can be identified, the impact zone will change to blue color.

Although our default setting will fit for most of the environment, sometimes the light source and light direction (e.g. a very strong backlight) will affect the image analysis accuracy. You can also tap on the lighting environment to fit for your environment.

To disable image analysis, tap and long press on the screen (while in capture mode) will disable it. To enable it, tap on lower bottom of the screen for your impact zone.

Q5 : My environment is very noisy. How can I get better impact sound detection?

For v2.0,
if you use image analysis together with impact sound detection, simply use the max sampling in default setting should work;

For v1.0,
we strongly suggest you to get a better environment to use EZ Capture@golf swing. But if you encounter a difficult situation, you can :

1) connect your device with an external headset with mic and place the head closer to you. The headset comes with your iPhone is a good choice.

Then do a few test and adjust the sensitivity.

Q6 : Is there any way that I can stop the capture manually?

As "intelligent capture" is designed to do the job automatically by impact sound detection to save your time and allow to work alone, there is no stop button. But you can do a stop trigger manually as below:

  1. set the sensitivity to lowest value, 0.6 (very sensitive);
  2. use your finger to cover the internal microphone on your device to avoid external sound interruption;
  3. once you want to trigger a stop, just do a small move on your finger that covering the internal microphone. This will generate enough sound to trigger the stop recording.

But please note that "intelligent capture" will not stop right away and it will delay stop recording for a short period (max. is 1 sec) after detecting the impact sound. So, either adjust the swing tempo setting to 1 more sec longer and move your finger once you see the impact.

Q7 : What should I do if I want to save my capture?

When you are in the playback screen, tap the "Action" button on top right hand corner. You will have options to :

1) save the capture. All the frames will be saved within the App. And you can use the "Play" option on the main menu to review it later.

Q8 : How should I setup the swing tempo so that it can capture my complete swing cycle?

The default value for swing tempo is 3 seconds which is the best and optimal settings for a good swing tempo. But if you have a fast swing tempo, you can slide it to 2.5 seconds. A value below 2.5 seconds or large than 3.5 seconds is not recommended as your swing tempo is not good as per our professional coach's advice. So, try your best to adjust your swing tempo between 2.5 to 3 seconds. Our swing tempo setting is designed to help you optimize your swing to a good tempo as well.

Of course, you can set the swing tempo between 2 to 5 seconds depends on your special purpose.

Q9 : How to use the grid line?

We have "Black" and "White" grid line available in both capture and playback mode. The gridline is designed to help you align your setup and the device to achieve the best capture as well as simple anf quick swing analysis. Depends on your environment, you can switch between "Black", "White" or no gridline by double tap on anywhere in the middle of the screen where you see your capture. The sequence is :

Black -> White -> None

Q10 : What's the purpose of "Playback repeat"?

"Playback repeat" is number of times the automatic playback will play your capture. Once the number of playbacks is completed, you will back to the capture mode automatically. You don't need to do anything if you just want to playback automatically.

Setting the value to "0" means play back will continue forever until you tap the "Close" button (on the top left corner). Or you can enable the "Playback stop by sound" (default is off) and make a sound to stop the playback when you are in playback mode.

Q11 : What's the purpose of "Playback stop by sound"?

Enabling "Playback stop by sound" will allow you to stop the playback cycle at anytime during the automatic playback cycle. This provides you a faster way to stop playback and go back to capture mode if you finished reviewing your swing. The default is off.

Q12 : Why my swing capture is not clear or blur?

As for all video capture/recording, better lighting can achieve better result. So, in day time under sun light or night time with strong lighting will get you the best result. The App is capable to capture at 30 frames per second.

Q13 : How to use the drawing tools?

When you are in playback mode, tap on the drawing tools button (the 2nd button on the top right hand corner). You will see the drawing toolbar.

1) the 2 buttons on the right-most side on the drawing toolbar will draw several frequently used drawing style to speed up your drawing.
2) tap on the color on the drawing toolbar to select the color you want.
3) tap on the shape on the drawing toolbar you want, the App will draw the shape on the screen. Then use gesture to move, rotate and resize it.

To move a drawing, tap on the drawing (you will see there is a color change on your selected drawing) and drag it to anywhere you want.
To resize or rotate a drawing, use two fingers to tap on the drawing and move you fingers to resize and rotate. Of course, you can move the drawing as well. Try it out and you will know how to use as it's super easy to control like other gesture control on iPhone or iPad.
To delete a drawing, double tap on the drawing and it will be deleted. You can delete any drawing as long as you selected the one you want. There is no sequence control on your drawings. Just check on the color change on the one you selected.
To delete all drawings, triple tap somewhere within the viewing area.
To change grid line, double tap somewhere within the viewing area.

If you have overlapping drawings, please check the color change on the drawing to ensure you selected the one you want.

Q14 : Why the play back is in Mirror View?

Our design is defaulted to mirror view for automatic playback after the capture when using the front camera. This allows you to review your swing as you're facing to a mirror. You can tap on the mirror view button to switch between mirror view.

When you play back your saved captures or using back camera, it's normal view. But you should normally ( and it's default) use the front face camera if you are reviewing your own swing. But you can switch mirror view at anytime during playback to suit your purpose.

Q15 : How can I export my capture to camera roll?

If you want to export your capture as video in camera roll, you MUST "Save" it first during automatic playback. When you playback your saved captures (the Play option on main menu), you can export the capture as video to camera roll and do whatever you want. Tap the action button on the top right hand corner, tap on "Export video".

And you can export any individual frame as photo to camera roll as well by tapping "Export current frame" on the action menu.

Q16 : I sometimes encounter system kick-out. What should I do?

As our "intelligent capture" is real time processing, it requires the best and optimal resource to operate. Even though iPhone 4 or iPad 2 is very powerful, allowing the maximum resources (CPU and memory) for the App will improve the stability. Now, you are using iPad 2 or iPhone 4 with technology that only exist in large capture device as in the past. So, we strongly suggest you to terminate any unnecessary background Apps when you are using EZ Capture@golf swing.

To terminate any background App:

  1. Double tap the Home button. App in use with their icons are displayed on bottom of the screen;
  2. Tap and hold any app icon for a few seconds. App icons start jiggling;
  3. A red icon appears on the top left corner of the App icons, tap on it and terminate the apps.

Q17 : (Pro version only) I have the Pro version, how can I use dual cam?

To use dual cam support, please first install our free "EZ Capture Pro Client" from the App Store.

  1. Connect your iPad 2 and your iPhone 4/4S in the same WiFi Network. We recommended that you use the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone. This will give you the best performance.
  2. After connected your iPad 2 to your iPhone using WiFi, launch "EZ Capture Pro" in your iPad 2.
  3. Tap on record button to go to capture mode
  4. Launch "EZ Capture Pro Client" in your iPhone; then tap the "connect" button. You should see your iPad available. Simply tap on the iPad to connect.
  5. Yes, it's done.

You can control the temp settings in either of your devices.
You manual stop in either of your devices.
You can use our intelligent capture (impact sound detection and image analysis) to stop capture automatically.

Once capture is stopped, you will see the dual view instantly. You can choose to view either of the single view in large or dual view.